Sizes availables: 1.5 and 12 kg
Rust-Anode®, also called “conventional” Rust-Anode®, is the original formula that evolved into the current Rust-Anode® Primer. In fact, its basic formula permitted the creation of the multi-usage Rust-Anode Primer®, which meets today’s technological and multi-purpose requirements. Its excellent corrosion protection and easy application make conventional Rust-Anode® a top choice. While it remains popular for its broad utility in all types of applications such as on structures, bridges and others, conventional Rust-Anode® is mostly used to cover steel roofs of industrial buildings due to its plasticizing finish once applied. 


  • Mono-component product
  • 99.995% pure organic zinc
  • Lower in VOCs
  • Cathodic protection due to electrochemical bond with the metal (measurable [Ω resistance])
  • Easy to apply with standard painting equipment
  • New steel, surface preparation required: SSPC-SP7 or SSPC-SP6, or acid, depending on case
  • Can be applied on non-friable rust, free of dust and grease.
  • Can recharge   existing zinc from hot galvanization; 
  • Rust-Anode® comes in only one colour: flat grey natural zinc.
  • An equal dry film thickness   of Rust-Anode®  provides the same performance as hot galvanization and metallization
  • No structural distortion
  • Metal with Rust-Anode® on, can be welded through with less of the release of toxic gases or flash.
  • Has anti-fouling properties ([anti-shelling] when immersed)
  • High resistance to saltwater and salty environments
  • Dries quickly
  • Can be used at any time to reinforce Rust-Anode® coated surfaces
  • Can be applied at temperatures from -5°C to + 40°C
  • Meets ASTM B117 (Salt Spray Test), ASTM D522 (Mandrel Bend Test), CAN/CGSB 1-GP-71 Method 119.5 and CAN/CGSB 1.181 and Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards

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