What is exactly an authentic cold galvanisation? Cold galvanization is an organic, single component of zinc, to lay over with a minimum of 92% (weight) zinc in the dry layer and creating an electro chemical link. This cold galvanisation contains about 96% pure zinc dust (by volume) in the dry layer. This zinc application protects electro chemically the processed surfaces by forming an active coupling with the metal base and creating an electrolytic link, resultant in a 1060mV potential. The cathodic action, will give a protection up to 4mm scratch. With the same dry film thickness the Rust‐anode® technology will offer the same cathodic protection as hot‐dip galvanisation, metallization or zinc coating by electrolysis. (This type of protection is far superior than the one offered by any other traditional anti rust paints) Applied over rust well adhered and free of loose materials and dust, this technology will transform the rust to iron oxide and will form the electric connection through the layer, providing the required cathodic protection. The layer will neither, crack or become loose.


Rust-Anode® technology offer of two (2) different products:
Rust-Anode® code 300018B (12 kg) and thinner Suspension Fluid (5 liters pail) Code 300025
® Primer code 300016 (12 kg) and thinner Galvanol™ (4 liters pail) Code 300037
It is very important to specify the right product needed.
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The technology Rust‐Anode® will follow thermal dilatations and follow the bending of the steel. No deformation of the basic metal. It can be top coated without surface preparations with any type of paint coatings if applied within the required window coating time. When an old existing hot‐dip galvanised has the zinc layer worn out, the technology Rust Anode® is the only product able to reload the cathodic protection Then, it is possible to bring to a new life, your old existing hot‐dip galvanized without dismantled your old structures. The technology Rust‐anode® is used in several applications where very aggressive elements of corrosion prevail: Cement factory, breweries, refrigerated halls, paper mills, chemical plants, and ships. The application is processed by: brush, roll and standard spray guns equipments. With its technical protection formula, the product is having, an apart classification. With the original formula (1954) and uses by NATO Military Forces, who evolved to the up‐dated and multipurpose Rust‐anode® Primer

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